Environment Monitoring System IP Temp CAT5 Video Extender HDMI VGA DVI KVM Switch, Video Splitter, Video Matrix Switch

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  • Secure Remote Power Control Unit with Environmental Monitoring
    Secure Remote Power Control Unit with Environmental Monitoring
    How to remotely reboot and control power (on/off) servers or other powered devices from any location via secure web interface, RS232, SSH, or Telnet

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  • Secure Remote Power Reboot Web Interface Screen Shot
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  • Secure Remote Power Reboot Text-Based Menu Interface Screen Shot
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  • How to Provide a Redundant Path to Control the IPDU-Sx In Case of a Network Failure
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    Up to 3 additional IP aliases can be configured to allow remote control of the IPDU-Sx using different networks. This set-up provides a redundant path in case of a network failure. No scripts are required–simply add the IP address, network mask, and gateway configurations through the web interface. The first network (default network) will be used for total control of the IPDU-Sx, i.e. inbound and outbound connections. The three other networks will allow web/SSH/telnet access only, i.e. inbound access only. Up to four separate networks can be plugged into a network switch that is linked to the IPDU-Sx to facilitate the configuration.


  • "We received the custom designed IPDU-S8-P15 that is able to send multiple alerts and it works great!

    "I wanted to be able to control the temperature in a box remotely, and be able to edit an action with the temperature sensor. I needed to power ON the AC outlet 1 (a heater will start) if the temperature goes below 10 degree Celsius and to power ON the AC outlet 2 (a fan will start) if the temperature goes above 20 degree Celsius, as well as the ability to edit directly in the web interface.

    Thanks to you and your team, you have done a great job, thanks again!"

    Danny Fortin
    National Defence
    Québec, Canada

(0)Secure Remote Power Control Unit with Environmental Monitoring

NTI Part # # of Outputs Current Capacity Relay Contacts Location Qty
IPDU-S2 2 10A N/A All
IPDU-S4-P15 4 15A Normally Open US/Canada
IPDU-S4-NC-P15 4 15A Normally Closed US/Canada
IPDU-S4-P10 4 10A Normally Open Euro/UK
IPDU-S8-NC-P10 8 10A Normally Closed Euro/UK
IPDU-S8-P15 8 15A Normally Open US/Canada
IPDU-S8-NC-P15 8 15A Normally Closed US/Canada
IPDU-S8-P10 8 10A Normally Open Euro/UK
IPDU-S4-NC-P10 4 10A Normally Closed Euro/UK

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(0)Server Environment Monitoring System Management Software
(U) and IPDU-S4/8)

NTI Part # Description Qty
E-MNG-0010 Manage 10 ENVIROMUX and IPDU-S4/8 units
E-MNG-0050 Manage 50 ENVIROMUX and IPDU-S4/8 units
E-MNG-0100 Manage 100 ENVIROMUX and IPDU-S4/8 units
E-MNG-0500 Manage 500 ENVIROMUX and IPDU-S4/8 units
E-MNG-3000 Manage 3000 ENVIROMUX and IPDU-S4/8 units

(0)Temperature/Humidity Sensors

NTI Part # Description Qty
E-STS Temperature Sensor, 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
E-STHS-99 Temperature/Wide Range Humidity Sensor, 32 to 176°F (0 to 80°C)

(0)Liquid & Chemical Detection Sensors

NTI Part # Description Qty
E-LDTx-y Liquid Detection System

(0)System Accessories

NTI Part # Description Qty
E-TRMPLG Terminating Plug for RS485 Cascade Configurations
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